Samstag, 6. Juni 2009

Bogota El Dorado - March 2009

Bogota El Eldorado is situated at 2548 meters above sea level and has two parallel runways (13/31) of 3800 meters lengths available. Like Quito, Bogota is an important cargo destination, for national and international airlines. The Colombian police, army and air force all operate from their own compounds with fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters. Since about 10 years piston airliners are not allowed any more at El Dorado.

Colorful Centurion Air Cargo MD-11 is waiting for to be detached from the tow truck. Photographed from new Satena Embraer 170 climbing out of runway 17R bound for Villavicencio.

Aerorepublica operates 13 examples of the Jungle Jet. Embraer EMB-190 HK-4453 is pushed back from her stand.

Aer Caribe took over the former SAEP Antonov AN-32 HK-4257. Together with sister ship HK-4427 she recently received a new coat of paint.

Contrary to the other Satena aircrafts, the Embraer 170s did not receive civil registrations so far. FAC1181, one of 2 ERJs in service is returning from another flight into the interior.

Newest member of the Colombian cargo scene, Cosmos, is operating with two Boeing 727-100 freighters. This Boeing 727-30C has first flown with Lufthansa in 1967.

The Colombian Army operates the only Convair in Colombia. EJC-121, a Model 580, saw civilian life with Braniff, Republic, Seair, Purolator Courier, Evergreen and Aerogolfo Colombia before entering service with the military.