Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008

Basle-Mulhouse - September 2003

Basel, as it is spelled in German, is bordered by 2 countries, Germany and France. Even it's not far from my "hometown", I don't visit too often. The main runway is situated north/south with mainly runway 16 in use. Being the former hub of Crossair, it used to busy feeder flights. Nowadays East Jet, and RyanAir as well, is dominating the field. Cargo traffic picked up and Jet Aviation having maintenance facilities on the south side of the airport help to bring some interesting aircraft to the airport.

Former South African AF DC-4 serialled 6901 is returning back to South Africa. The Dutch Dakota Association operated her several years in the air show circuit as PH-DDS. She is taken over by Springbok Classic Air which operated her on safari flights and leased her out to Rovos Air as well. ZS-AUA is still flying - well cared for by Skyclass which has 2 more DC-4s and 2 DC-3s for charter available.

Saab 2000 HB-IZM is still seen wearing full Crossair colors, even she was already flying for Swiss International Air Lines. The aircraft is operating for Swedish Golden Air since March 2005.

On maintenance, Saudi Arabian Boeing 747SP HZ-AIJ is leaving for a test flight in the late afternoon. The SP was part of the fleet of Saudia but was given to the VIP flight section which operate for the Saudi Government.

Another former Crossair machine, here Saab 340 F-GPKG of Crossair Europe, a French offspring, operating a fleet of 3 former Crossair Saab's. The airline was founded to get access to the European market because Crossair as Swiss airline not being able to operate without restrictions in the European Union.

Basle also serves as a mini-hub for Fedex. Being served almost daily, at the time with Airbus A310F N452FE, a former Sabena passenger aircraft.