Samstag, 23. Juni 2007

Bombay, February 2007

Indus Air started operations with two CRJ 200s in December 2006 - already in March 2007 the AOC was revoked due to spare part issues. VT-IOA and her sistership - IOB were acquired from Indepence Air.

Saudi Arabian uses Boeing 747-300s on their routes to Jeddah. Saudia is operating 13 examples of the 300-series, HZ-AIT has been delivered new in 1986 to the Middle East carrier.

Due to a shortage of airplanes Air India has been leasing 2 Boeing 767-300 from Globespan. G-CDPT is seen on final to runway 27 one sunny afternoon.

Abu Dhabi's flag carrier Etihad is using their Airbus A340-500 on the route to Bombay. A6-EHC is leaving her stand to taxi to the active runway.

Go Air India is using several colorful Airbus A320 for domestic low cost services. VT-WAB is a former America West example serving the airline with her 3 sisterships. Another 5 320s were leased from Iberworld during the winter season.

Sri Lankan operates with 5 Airbus A320s within South East Asia. 4R-ABC is also a former America West example, but has been with Midway before ending up in Asia.