Sonntag, 13. Mai 2007

Tenerife Sur, April 2007

Contrary to Los Rodeos in the north Tenerife Sur is mainly catering to charter traffic. Weather is generally better in the south as the wind usually blows away the clouds. Former Britannia Airways Boeing 737-804 is now operating as SE-DZK for TuiFly Nordic. On one side it wears StarTour- and on this side Fritidsresor-titles, both Swedish travel services connected to TUI.

EC-IVR is one out of a fleet of 10 B737-800 operating for Futura International. This aircraft has been operating for Icelandair, Brussels International and Sobelair before it ended up with the Spanish carrier.

Serair Transworld Press operates with a fleet of 4 Beech 1900C, EC-GZG build in 1991 one of them. Serair is specialising in transporting merchandise inbetween the Canary islands and nearby Africa.

Boeing 737-33A OY-JTA started her life with America West Airlines, saw service with Falcon Express and in Honduras before beginning her carreer with newcomer JetTime. The airline came into life in October 2006 and homebase is Copenhagen.

Lowcost daughter of SAS, Snowflake operates with only this B737-883 LN-RPN leased from the mother company.

Monarch was founded in 1967 and started services with Bristol Britannia aircraft. G-OJEG is one of 10 Airbus A321 operated by the Luton based carrier.