Dienstag, 25. September 2007

Malaga - July 2005

Malaga, southern Spain, is a well established holiday spot for the European sun seekers. For the airplane lover there are lots of charter flights to be seen and nice places around the airport to catch those beauties!

N672FH, a Boeing 737-322 leased by Futura Intl. Airways from Ryan International for the summer season, has a special "Budget Travel" sticker on her fuselage. This aircraft was build in 1990 for United Airlines before it was sold to Futura in May 2005.

Boeing 757 SX-BLW was leased by Air Scotland from Greece Airways to perform flights to European holiday destinations. The airline ceased operations in 2006.

Former Air Calin Boeing 737-33A found her way to Europe when she was acquired in April 2005 by Norwegian Air Shuttle as LN-KKS. The tail has been adorned with the face of Edvard Munch, a famous Norwegian painter.

Boeing 737-33A G-STRI of Astraeus, a UK charter airline, was leased by fly BE, fromer Jersey European in summer 2005. This aircraft has been with VASP, Maersk, Oman Air, Star Europe, Air Provence, Cronus and some others and still is busy with Sterling Airlines.

Usually used for their longhaul services, this Airbus A330-243 of Monarch Airlines is gliding in to land arriving from the UK. Build in 1999, G-EOMA is one of 2 examples of the 1967 founded Luton based carrier.

Conder Berlin arriving shortly before sunset. Thomas Cook logo on the tail, but still with basic yellow Condor colors, this hybrid is one of 13 Airbus A320s in the fleet of Condor Berlin.

The era of the Tupolevs is slowly coming to an end in the European skies. Spain is fortunate enough to still enjoy some of those Russian classics - here Aeroflot's Tu-154M RA-85638 is arriving at sunset.